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All things in nature are based on patterns.  These patterns are known as Sacred Geometry.  One such pattern is the Tree of Life.  The Tree of Life has been part of various healing traditions dating back thousands of years.  The innate geometry of the human body that was discovered during the evolution on BGI is exactly that of the Tree of Life.  The knowledge of this innate geometry can be used as a very precise means of analyzing and adjusting subluxations.


As we go through life we are subjected to different stresses.  These stresses can be classified as physical stresses (injury, surgery, illness, etc.), chemical stresses (pollution, junk food, alcohol, caffeine, medications, etc.), and mental or emotional stresses (anger, fear, job related stress, relationship stress, etc.)  Chiropractors refer to these stresses as trauma, toxins and thoughts, or, “the Three T’s.”   BGI actually helps your body use the three T’s in a positive and productive manner.  Rather than trying to alleviate or manage these stresses, BGI empowers your body to integrate them.  Stresses are an important part of the human experience.  It is unrealistic and counterproductive to try to negate them.  By integrating stress, your body and psyche grow and learn from them.


In Chiropractic, the conventional approach to subluxations is to view them as problems that need to be fixed.  In BGI, subluxations are seen as Potential!  When we adjust a Subluxation, we’re doing much more than merely “fixing a problem.”  We are releasing your Potential to express the beauty and perfection that is inherent within you.

Elias Forma D.C 
Café of Life
Delray Beach, Florida


Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) is a unique and powerful approach to Chiropractic.  It embraces the time honored vitalistic principles of Chiropractic and at the same time advances a fresh and positive new way of thinking.  BGI is an understanding of the force dynamics surrounding the creation and release of the Subluxation.

The key concepts that make BGI unique are:
Geometry      Integration      Potential

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